Jeep Commander Parts: Rare Or Readily Available?

are jeep commander parts hard to find

Jeep Commander parts are not hard to find. The Jeep Commander was produced from 2005 to 2010 and was the only three-row Jeep SUV with seven-passenger seating. Although the Jeep Commander is no longer in production, Jeep still provides support for owners to find parts and services for their vehicles. There are also many online retailers that sell parts and accessories for the Jeep Commander, such as Amazon, eBay, Advance Auto Parts, and 4WP. These websites offer a wide range of parts, including exterior, interior, lighting, heating and cooling, and performance parts.

Characteristics Values
Jeep Commander production years 2005-2010
Current availability No longer in production
Parts availability Available from Jeep dealers, Amazon, eBay, Advance Auto Parts, 4WP, and other third-party sellers
Parts range Exterior, interior, heating and cooling, lighting, performance, replacement, lift kits, suspension, towing, brakes, steering, drivetrain, and differential
Parts accessibility Some parts may be hard to find or expensive


Jeep Commander parts can be found on Amazon

  • Rear glass window lift supports
  • Hood catch release cables
  • Inner door handles
  • Windshield wiper arms
  • Gas caps
  • Windshield washer nozzles
  • Front and rear ceramic brake pads
  • Fog lights
  • Windshield washer nozzles
  • Ignition coil packs
  • Suspension kits
  • HVAC heater blend door actuators
  • Bumper fog lights
  • Fasteners
  • Key fob replacements
  • Windshield washer nozzles
  • Antenna replacements
  • Interior LED lights
  • Trunk cargo nets
  • Window visors
  • Seat covers
  • Floor mats
  • Shift knobs
  • Key fob covers
  • And many more...

In addition to parts, Amazon also offers a wide range of accessories for the Jeep Commander, with over 20,000 results.

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Jeep Commander accessories are available at Advance Auto Parts

If you're looking for Jeep Commander accessories, Advance Auto Parts has you covered. They carry over 54 accessories in inventory for the Jeep Commander, ranging from $16.99 to $907.99.

You can find a variety of trusted brands at Advance Auto Parts, including AutoCraft, Rightline Gear, and Kat's. These brands offer a range of products, from storage and cargo solutions to floor mats and circulation tank heaters.

Some of the most popular accessories for the Jeep Commander at Advance Auto Parts include:

  • AutoCraft SUV Cover in grey or blue, which is breathable, medium-duty, and water-resistant.
  • Kat's Circulation Tank Heater, which is thermostatically controlled.
  • Rightline Gear Sport 3 and 2 Car Top Carriers, offering additional storage space for your vehicle.
  • HIGHLAND All Weather Floor Mats in black, tan, or grey, which are perfect for protecting your Jeep's interior from dirt and debris.

You can easily order these and other Jeep Commander accessories online from Advance Auto Parts and have them delivered directly to your home. Alternatively, you can find your nearest Advance Auto Parts store and check if they have the part you need in stock before heading over.

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4WP stocks Jeep Commander off-road parts

4WP stocks a wide range of Jeep Commander off-road parts and accessories. The company understands that Jeep owners want to make their vehicles truly personal and a perfect fit for their needs, whether that's hauling, towing, or off-roading.

The 4WP inventory includes Jeep Commander off-road bumpers, lift kits, winches, and more, all made by top aftermarket manufacturers. The company also offers a price match guarantee for up to 90 days on all purchases, ensuring that customers get the best deal.

In addition to Jeep Commander off-road parts, 4WP also offers a variety of other Jeep-related products, including clothing, apparel, and accessories like Jeep license plates, DVDs, key chains, and more.

With over 40 4WP stores to choose from and a team of stateside experts available to help, Jeep Commander owners can easily find the parts and accessories they need to customize and upgrade their vehicles.

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eBay has a large selection of Jeep Commander parts

One of the key advantages of shopping on eBay for Jeep Commander parts is the ability to find both new and used options. For those on a budget, used parts can be a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. With eBay's large selection, customers can easily compare prices and choose the best deal that suits their needs.

The range of parts available on eBay ensures that Jeep Commander owners can find everything they need in one place. Whether it's a new bumper, winch, lift kit, or simply replacement bulbs, eBay has it all. The convenience of finding a variety of parts in one place saves Jeep Commander owners time and effort in their search.

In addition, eBay offers a selection of aftermarket parts for the Jeep Commander. These parts are designed to meet the same standards as original equipment (OE) components but often at a more affordable price. Aftermarket parts provide Jeep Commander owners with the flexibility to upgrade or modify their vehicles without breaking the bank.

EBay also offers a range of accessories, allowing owners to personalise and enhance their Jeep Commander. From floor mats and bike racks to grilles and decals, eBay provides a one-stop shop for all things Jeep Commander. With such a diverse selection, owners can easily find the right combination of parts and accessories to match their style and requirements.

shunauto is a good source for dealer-only Jeep Commander parts

Jeep Commander parts can be difficult to find, as the vehicle has been discontinued since 2010. However, is a great source for dealer-only Jeep Commander parts and accessories.

Mopar offers a wide range of interior and exterior accessories, including bike racks, roof cargo carriers, floor mats, wheels, and grilles. They also provide performance parts, such as spark plugs, and replacement parts like wiper blades, ignition coils, and brake pads. With official factory OEM parts, you can maintain the value of your Jeep Commander by ensuring that all components are authentic and fit your vehicle perfectly. Mopar also offers competitive prices, with discounts of up to 30% on genuine Mopar parts and accessories.

In addition to Mopar, there are other sources for Jeep Commander parts, both new and used. Amazon, for example, offers a wide range of parts and accessories for the Jeep Commander, including both OEM and aftermarket options. 4WP is another option, offering a variety of quality Jeep Commander accessories and replacement parts at competitive low prices.

While finding parts for a discontinued model like the Jeep Commander can be challenging, sources like Mopar, Amazon, and 4WP provide a range of options to keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking its best.

Frequently asked questions

Jeep Commander parts are not hard to find. You can find them on websites like Amazon, eBay, 4WP, and Advance Auto Parts. You can also try finding parts on the official Jeep website or by contacting your local Jeep dealer.

You can find Jeep Commander parts on websites like Amazon, eBay, 4WP, and Advance Auto Parts.

A wide range of Jeep Commander parts are available online, including exterior parts, heating and cooling parts, interior parts and accessories, lighting and lighting accessories, performance parts, replacement parts, lift kits, suspension parts, towing parts, brakes and steering parts, drivetrain and differential parts, and more.

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